Race Nights

Our race nights are great fundraising events, with some nights we’ve hosted having raised thousands for charity. 

On the night, guests will place bets on horses listed in a race card. We will then show a randomly picked film of a horse race, which has been produced specially for these types of events, with each horse being assigned a number from 1 to 8. Those who bet on the winning horse will then receive a share of the total pot based on how many people won and, if fundraising, what percentage of the pot is put aside for a chosen charitable cause (usually 50%). 

As an added income source, local businesses will often be willing to sponsor individual races for a fee. They can then choose names for the race and for the horses running in it, which will be listed on the race card. We can also then advertise their business in a slideshow on the big screen between races. 

You can also offer the chance for people to become ‘jockeys’ for each horse for a small fee – they would then receive a prize if their horse wins. 

We have a projector and portable projector screen for these events, but we are also able to connect to many existing systems within venues.